Safety & Training

Safety & Training are in the Stevens DNA

We have a company culture predicated on the safety of our team and the safety of our clients. This culture is present in every action and decision we make. We are a 100% ELOG fleet, and are extremely proud of our OSHA and CSA scores. Stevens is so highly regarded in the area of safety that we actually have a full-time training staff that not only trains our own team, but also trains fleet drivers from across the country. 

Ongoing Equipment Maintenance

An underappreciated aspect of safety on the job is equipment maintenance. If we didn’t take care of our equipment with ongoing maintenance plans, it wouldn’t matter how safe our drivers were, systems would still fail. That’s a danger that we actively avoid. By going above and beyond the required due diligence of equipment maintenance, we ensure the safety of all of our stakeholders in a way that no other tanker company can.