Fluid Sourcing & Chemicals

We Leverage Our Industry Expertise

As an authority in the oil & gas industry, we can offer the best solutions to our clients when we’re offering turn-key solutions. By that, we mean that we are willing and able to do the actual material sourcing for our clients, rather than our clients spend their valuable time doing the sourcing themselves. If you have sourcing taken care of, we’ll always transport material. However, tremendous value can be shown when the Stevens Tanker team is empowering your business with a complete, turn-key solution.

Showing Value Through Single Sourcing

By allowing your transportation company to handle sourcing, you’re creating a more efficient, reliable business. We can source stabilizing muds, fresh water, brine, biocide, packer fluids, KCl, H2S scavenger, and much more. Combined with our capacity to haul the mud, water, liquids, and slurry, relying on Stevens Tanker for sourcing is the most efficient way to get the job done.