Our Culture

A Culture Of Continuous Improvement

We strive to be people-driven, safety-focused, honest, and reliable. Not just to our customers, but to our internal team as well. We firmly believe that by pushing ourselves to constantly improve, we improve the lives of our drivers and our customers. 

We pay our drivers weekly, provide them with world-class safety training, and cross train them as often as possible to continue promoting from within. Our team has made a point of routinely giving back through charity events and is very proud of our veteran hiring initiatives.

Dedicated To People

From the world-class safety training our drivers receive to the suite of technology products we use to deliver unmatched client satisfaction, our dedication to our individual stakeholders is evident. This extends to the charity initiatives we proudly & routinely undertake.

Focused On Safety

Not only do we readily supply our OSHA and CSA scores, but we utilize 3rd party organizations to review our safety standards to maintain checks & balances. We have 4 safety & training universities across the country, offering the most comprehensive training available.

Honest Reliability

We measure our success by our final mile reliability. That's part of our dedication to client satisfaction. From the drivers we select, to the clients we choose, to the technology we implement, it's all done with the mission of honest reliability at the forefront of our mind.

Driven By Innovation

Our innovative culture is proven by our suite of technology tools and our commitment to using the most recent equipment. Once again, this all stems from our sincere desire to ensure the safety of our drivers and our dedication to proving final mile reliability.