Safety At Stevens Tanker Division

Mar 13 2018 1:24 PM

From top to bottom, safety is at the heart of everything we do at Stevens Tanker. We are looked at as the industry leaders in driver safety and take great pride in that reputation. To maintain our standing as the safety leader and to better protect our drivers, we’re still improving.

The Safety Mindset

The Stevens Tanker approach to safety is simple: it’s a value. Safety is important to most companies in the tanker industry, but that it is a priority to them rather than a value. The major difference between the two? Priorities can change depending on the situation, while values are deeply ingrained in a company’s culture.

Our drivers are at the heart of our organization, and we strive to have a culture where drivers make the correct decisions because they want to, not because they're told to do so. To that end, our safety training is about making safety a core value of our drivers, not just a list of chores they have to check off on the job.

Driver Preparation

Our approach to driver safety is “fundamental yet practical.” This is evident in how we conduct safety training. We don’t just cover the largest, most dangerous job site hazards; we start with the simplest aspects of the job. For instance, we discuss topics like getting in and out of the truck. While that may seem basic, we have a process for entering and exiting that involves using three points of contact at all times. We also cover pre- & post-trip inspections as well as the importance of creating six seconds of following distance. All of these safety measures are covered in the classroom before moving on to more large-scale hazards on the road.

By implementing fundamental processes for the simplest parts of the job, we’re ensuring that our drivers know how to protect themselves in all situations at a moment’s notice. When safety is truly a value to your drivers, it becomes instinctive in real-time on the job.

Keeping Safety Top Of Mind

Though we cover safety in a comprehensive manner in the classroom, it’s important to make sure it’s implemented in the field. We have a staff of safety professionals who are constantly inspecting and intervening at our various yards and job sites. It’s their job to raise awareness of at-risk behavior and to make sure our safety philosophy doesn’t get left behind in the classroom.

Being behind the wheel of an 80,000-pound truck inherently requires a great deal of focus, so we have taken steps to make sure the core tenants of our safety philosophy are easily memorable on the road. 

Drivers face a multitude of distractions on the road, all of which can fit into three simple categories.

  • Visual Distractions encompass anything that takes your eyes off the road.

  • Manual Distractions are anything that takes your hands off the wheel.

  • Cognitive Distractions include anything that takes your mind off driving. 

At Stevens Tanker, our plan is always to Protect PEAR. That stands for People, Environment, Assets, and our Reputation. This simple memorization tool keeps top-of-mind everything that’s at stake when our drivers get behind the wheel or work at the job site.

Stevens Tanker Safety In 2018

We are constantly improving and always expanding our safety philosophy. Our core focuses this year include implementing a more proactive mindset, taking advantage of learning opportunities, and growing our recovery strategies. We want to use both incidents and high potential near-misses as learning opportunities to prevent recurrence and minimize risk. While this is certainly something we execute currently, we want to continue to grow in this area. We also continue improving in the area of recovery following unfortunate events, should they occur. That translates to minimizing exposure, taking control of situations fast, and ensuring a more swift recovery.

We are exceptionally proud of our reputation as safety leaders and innovators, and couldn’t have earned it without dedicated drivers and talented leadership. Our team can’t wait to see what safety at Stevens Tanker looks like a year from now, and we’re excited to begin implementing the new ideas that will continue to push us over the top.

If you’re passionate about driver safety, be sure to check our Open Positions often for any safety-oriented career opportunities. If you’re an experienced driver looking to join a company that puts driver safety first, we encourage your to reach out and apply for an open position today!

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