Our Leadership

Experienced & Innovative Industry Experts

The leadership team of Stevens Tanker is made up of seasoned industry veterans with years of experience in the oil & gas fleet industry. Backed by one of the nation’s largest transportation companies, no other team can offer the same depth of solutions alongside our customer service. From the top down, our team is dedicated to customer & driver satisfaction, which we believe go hand-in-hand. With our safety first culture and our proven final-mile reliability, we are the team to choose if you want to get the most out of each well site you operate.

Our leadership team & staff treat OSHA and CSA scores like a badge of honor, we maintain a system of checks & balances by using third parties for quarterly safety audits. Our entire fleet is 100% ELOG and features trucks no older than 2013 models. We are recognized nationally for our safety training programs, and have four universities across the United States.